Andante - Netflix

When a slacker city kid Lee Shi Kyung and his sister are suddenly transferred to a high school in the countryside, they have trouble adjusting to their strange new surroundings. But not without the help of a new friends, Park Ga Ram, the town's golden boy, and a mysterious girl, Kim Bom.

Andante - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-09-24

Andante - Nannerl Notenbuch - Netflix

The Nannerl Notenbuch, or Notenbuch für Nannerl (English: Nannerl's Music Book) is a book in which Leopold Mozart, from 1759 to about 1764, wrote pieces for his daughter, Maria Anna Mozart (known as “Nannerl”), to learn and play. His son Wolfgang also used the book, in which his earliest compositions were recorded (some penned by his father). The book contains simple short keyboard (typically harpsichord) pieces, suitable for beginners; there are many anonymous minuets, some works by Leopold, and a few works by other composers including Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and the Austrian composer Georg Christoph Wagenseil. There are also some technical exercises, a table of intervals, and some modulating figured basses. The notebook originally contained 48 bound pages of music paper, but only 36 pages remain, with some of the missing 12 pages identified in other collections.

Andante - Minuet in C, K. 1f - Netflix

A short piece (around a minute in length); it was probably notated by his father, Leopold, since Wolfgang was only five or six years old at the time. It was written for the harpsichord and is hence usually performed on the harpsichord, though other keyboard instruments may be used. This minuet is in Mozart's first collection of works. As a minuet it is relatively fast in 34 time. It is, unlike K. 1d far less influenced by the baroque style. It is largely constructed of phrases which are repeated: every two bars is announced by a descending fifth, after which 4 chords are played, a tune is constructed within this restraint. Each phrase is 8 bars long. In two part harmony, it consists of 3 sections: the opening, contrasting trio, and a reprise of the original. It was, in Köchel's first catalogue listed as K. 1 along with Minuet in G, K. 1e.

Andante - References - Netflix